A game changer on your cat's hygiene!

Yara Box is an innovative litter box for cats. The only one designed and developed for a complete daily hygiene.

Easy for you, powerful for your cat’s health!

Is your cat’s
hygiene enough?

Even with a daily cleaning, cat feces bring some invisible enemies and as a result, diseases like Cystitis, Nephritis or many others, can affect our buddies and us.

Our technology
Is exclusive.

The litter tray was designed, projected and patented, exclusively so that it was able to disinfect the parts in contact with the microbes every day, in a simple and quick manner.
  • Cat life's quality

    Improving hygiene is essential for improving life quality. We all recognise cats as cleaning maniacs!
  • Daily full hygiene

    The only litterbox capable of clean and desinfect daily within only 3 minutes.
  • Easy to recycle

    Our system filters the good litter from the excrements, saving you money.
  • No smell

    With an easy disinfection system and a covered design, there is no more bad smell.
  • Manual cleaning

    With a tecnologic box, owners can’t do a regular checkup on their cat’s feces in other to prevent future diseases.
  • Design

    With a clean shape and 4 colors to choose, YaraBox will fit like a glove anywhere.
  • Eco-friendly

    Zero waste of fossil energy
    and longtime use.
  • Affordable

    No electricity costs, no maintenance and cheaper than techy littlerboxes with the same purpose.

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